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On Saturday, the West Virginia Democratic Party announced Stand Up Summer, as part of the Democratic Party’s Resistance Summer project designed to bolster state party organizing efforts across the country.

Stand Up Summer is a new ground game program aimed to amplify and expand grassroots efforts ahead of the 2018 election. The new program will bring all Democrats together to make calls, knock doors and fight back against the GOP.

The program will amplify grassroots efforts in districts, both progressive and conservative, that are fed up with the Trump-Ryan plan to take America away from hardworking families.


“We saw a tremendous turnout on Saturday at our announcement that just shows how fed up West Virginians are with Republican leadership both in West Virginia and nationally,” said Belinda Biafore, Chair. “We are ready to knock on doors, make calls, register new voters and really go hard on the ground to give West Virginia back to hardworking families. We are extremely excited for Stand Up Summer and I think everyone else will be excited and surprised too. Republican leaders that are taking aim at our health care and education better watch out because West Virginians know exactly who is taking those things away from them.”

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