Always putting his own political gain over WV, Morrisey puts campaign operative on state payroll

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It’s politics as usual for Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey as he continues to put his own personal politics over the people of WV.

In case you missed it, Charleston Gazette Mail reported on Sunday that self serving Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey “puts political operative on state payroll” and he eliminated an investigator’s job in his Consumer Protection Division to do so.

West Virginia’s self serving Attorney General hired campaign veteran Lance James Henderson to  be his “deputy chief of staff”, a position that was created solely for Henderson and did not exist before in the AG’s office. The office does not have a “chief of staff” and this job was not posted on Morrisey’s website.

The point not to be missed here is the fact that Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has put self serving politics over the people of WV and they are paying for it. Democratic Party Vice Chair Chris Regan told Charleston Gazette, “Hiring a political operative at a huge salary on the public’s nickel is an inexcusable breach of trust and ethics.”

Regan continued, “Patrick Morrisey has hit a new low in diverting $100,000 in taxpayer money directly to his political campaign.”

“Mr. Henderson has no discernible qualifications for this newly created job invented so that Morrisey can force taxpayers to pay his political hired guns,” Regan said. “The fact that this money comes out of consumer protection funds adds insult to injury for West Virginia’s people, who work hard to pay for government services, not Morrisey’s political machinery.”

Read the article in it’s entirety here.