About Last Night!

Bridget McGuire Blog

Fellow Democrat,
Last night the Republicans’ attempt to take our health care failed again & it’s because of fighters like you
Don’t get me wrong, this was their second attempt and sadly, I’m sure they aren’t finished yet but this is a victory for us and we shouldn’t forget that. Two times now your hard work, strength and determination has saved our health care and I believe that if we continue fighting we will be able to continue to save lives and ensure that every West Virginian and American has good quality health care.
We believe that health care is not privilege, it is a right and not just for the wealthy select few. 
Nearly 200,000 West Virginians were at risk for losing their care and thanks to you they will be able to continue getting live saving treatments, and health care employees that would have lost their jobs (nearly 10,000) will be able to still provide for their loved ones. 
We will continue with the help of all of you. We have received hundreds of new card-carrying members of the West Virginia Democratic Party; we have grown our WV Young Dems and WV Federation of Democratic Women organizations; we have started a grassroots movement that we haven’t seen in a long time; and we will bring home a victory to West Virginia families in 2018 and beyond. 
We’ve accomplished a lot but we’re just getting started. 
Please sign up, become a member, and think about donating today so that we can continue to save lives, protect our jobs and our values. 
Belinda Biafore, Chair