Statement on GOP Education Bill

Brittni McGuire Press Releases

For Immediate Release: January 26, 2019

Contact: Brittni McGuire,, 304-342-6606

WVDP Chairwoman Belinda Biafore released the following statement regarding the dangerous GOP education bill:

“Yesterday we all attended, watched, or heard about the meeting in Senate Education that went on for hours while we listened to out-of-state lobbyists speak on behalf of the bill and charter schools. These out-of-state lobbyists had input into this bill yet not a single West Virginia teacher, parent, or student did. 

“It became even more clear yesterday that the Republican Majority and these out-of-state charter school advocates are pushing this self-serving legislation that is creating unequal opportunity for our students and putting our public education system at risk. 

“This is an attack on our public education system. No one wants their child to be in a lottery waiting to get chosen for a school and no one wants their child to be left behind. This is not “reform” as they call it, it’s retaliation for the teachers’ strike last year where teachers and school service personnel fought for their students and the pay raises that they deserve. 

“I want to thank the Democratic Senators in the Senate Education Committee for standing up for our students, they are the ones getting lost in all of this and we will not step aside while the Republican Majority pushes this out-of-state driven, self-serving legislation that hurts our students. We will continue to put our students first.”